Write Yor Own Business Plan programmes

January 3, 2013

Over the past year I have designed and developed a range of ‘Write Your Own Business Plan’ (WYOBP) programmes. These programmes are week-long workshops, almost boot camps, where people write their own business plan whilst on the programme and have a draft business plan when they leave the programme at the end of the week. I have mainly sold these programmes into agencies (local development organisations, enterprise-support organisations and social-enterprise support organisations). Our big innovation this year is that I am now running commercial WYOBP programmes and we have courses coming up in Dublin in January.

We have 2 main courses; one for ‘for-profit’ and one for ‘nonprofit’. The benefits of these programmes are:
• You write your business plan in a week
• You internalise the learning (the real benefit is not having a written document at the end of the week but the learning on your business and where you want to bring it)
• You write your own financial plan including building up your cash flow from scratch (you get to understand your own cash flow projections and breakeven sales figure…really!)
• It speeds up loan, grant, funding or investment applications
• You get to review your business, business model and make improvements moving forward
• You have a business plan

The courses suit those looking to make bank, loan, grant, funding or investment applications, as well as, those reviewing their business or assessing a business idea. We run the programmes from 12.00 noon until 7.00 pm so participants have the morning to do necessary business.

We offer a 5-day ‘investor-ready’ WYOBP programme where participants get to write their business plan and proof it against research on investor requirements and make ‘an investor-ready pitch’. We also run a 4-day ‘social mission’ WYOBP programme for nonprofit organisations, social entrepreneurs and managers.

We have courses coming up in Dublin later in January.

For more information on our WYOBP programmes see: http://germaine.eu.com/?page_id=73

For the information leaflet on our next ‘investor-ready’ WYOBP programme see:

Happy New Year to everybody and may it be a successful one for all!


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