I know I have been very quiet on the blog for the last while but this is because I have been busy with other projects. One new venture I have spent a considerable amount of time on is a new management consultancy practice called Entrepreneurial Perspectives Limited (EPL) which I have formed along with four other senior colleagues. Although this is a slow phase in the business cycle we believe that this is a good time to present a new offering to the market.

EPL will focus on entrepreneurship and enterprise development in all its forms. In particular we see 2 possible markets. The first is collaborating with partners across Europe and other regions to support the development of entrepreneurship in general; with ethnic minorities, the unemployed, social enterprises and other groups. The second focus is on supporting entrepreneurship and innovation working with partners in areas like technology transfer, business incubation and academic entrepreneurship.

EPL’s philosophy is to collaborate with partners and build long-term relationships. The EPL team are all experienced consultants and all are, or have been, self employed and thus ‘we bring an entrepreneurial perspective to all our work’. If you have an interest in collaborating in any of these areas and would like to find partners or consultants to provide expert input then maybe check out our website at http://www.entrepreneurial.ie or e-mail me at ken@entrepreneurial.ie.

No matter how negative the news or business environment, there is only one way forward and it is important to keep trying new things, stay positive and keep looking for new market opportunities.