So now you know the actual person you want to talk to, their exact role in their organisation or community and exactly why you are talking to them; they can benefit specifically from some specific benefit that your good or service actually delivers. Furthermore, you have a method of meeting up with the person that is professional and not cold calling. A referral is by far the best method for meeting the person as the referrer has already broken most of the ice for you. However, a good networked introduction will also do.

Now for people who don’t like selling this is a far more comfortable way of meeting new clients. You have a very specific reason for meeting this client; you are professional and not at all pushy. It is very easy to prepare and plan what you want to say and you are speaking with a real conviction regarding how you can serve this person. The person is also ready to talk to you and they are in ‘business mode’. Overall, far better than cold calling on people who do not want to see or talk to you.

The other benefit of the process is that it connects up your marketing and selling processes; it connects the macro to the micro.