Step 5 – How can we connect with these people effectively?

March 31, 2010

The next step in the process is to connect with these people. Now you have generally 2 ways to connect with business people. You can try to get through the screening process of receptionists, secretaries and PAs or you can try and strategically network with these people. Busy people tend to have a number of common characteristics; they work longer hours than most, during office hours they are extremely busy especially if they have to manage staff but as business people they are looking for business opportunities. I can suggest 3 ways to connect to busy people that might be more effective than trying to get through the screening process.
1. Get a referral. The question to ask is ‘who do I know that personally knows the business person I want to meet?’ When someone is referred to me by someone I know well then I will normally make the time to meet them. However, as you have been referred from a reliable source it is likely that the person is more amenable to the message you are projecting.
2. Get introduced through a network. In this case the questions are ‘what networks is the person I want to talk to in and how do I get an introduction to that network?’ The one common characteristic of business networks is that if you are in the room you are taken at face value as a legitimate business colleague. So do some googling and find out what networks, chambers of commerce etc. the person we want to talk to is a member of. The next step is to talk to the person who manages the network and ask for an entry into a business session.
3. Make an introduction at an exhibition, event or conference. The question here is ‘what events will the person I want to talk to be at in the near future?’ Now, I have done my fair share of standing at expo stands and during the busy times in the day they can be very useful. However, during the slow part of the day, especially by the second or third day, you will literally want to talk to the fake plant because you are so bored. This, by the way, is why more business gets done by people exhibiting at an expo rather than the public who come through the door; lots of time to talk. So find out, by asking questions, checking company websites or asking the organisers, will the company and person be at the expo, event or conference and get an invite to the event. At an expo you can actually pay at the door you do not have to buy a stand which is very expensive.

By using some thought it is actually relatively easy to get an introduction to most business people you just have to think like a busy person and stop thinking 9 to 5.


One Response to “Step 5 – How can we connect with these people effectively?”

  1. Hercurich Says:

    This post is good!! thank you very much

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