Step 2 – Who can benefit from what I do?

March 17, 2010

The first thing to say is that we cannot be of benefit to everyone. At a particular point in time there are going to be only a certain number of people who can really benefit from what we do. The key is to communicate with those people and not to communicate with people we cannot be of benefit to. From the previous question you should have a short list of things that people actually buy from you. Now, we want to ask what categories of people can gain from these benefits. What you are trying to achieve is a list of groups, certain types of businesses, certain groups of consumers with specific characteristics. These will be the groups that we will want to communicate with so they must be groups with members that can be easily connected with or identified. Remember that you may have different sub groups of beneficiaries for each of your unique selling points and the better defined are your sub categories the better able you will be to communicate with them later.


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