It is a new year, gratefully for the many who found 2009 complete rubbish. So I ask myself, what things to focus on at the start of this year. Well, my focus is on business and making money. We are generally either out of, or coming out of, technical recessions and I can finally say that we are at the launch pad for the next 3-5 year growth phase. However…not so fast. Depending on your sector it could take 2 years or so for growth to approach normal (3-4% per annum say) thus businesses will need to work much more strategically to get ahead of this curve. So the focus must be on growing enterprises through the only real way that this can be achieved: effective marketing resulting in increased sales.

So its back to sales and marketing is it. Okay, where to start? In my start your own business courses I talk to participants about the sales and marketing tree. What is this I hear you ask? Well, it is a tool I developed to help people connect the marketing and sales. In my experience people can understand how to develop their markets and niches generally. They also get an understanding of the fundamentals of selling but it takes some time for people unaccustomed to sales to connect these two things up coherently. So over the next couple of posts I will try to ask a series of questions which, if you can answer them coherently, will allow you to see how strategic marketing can lead to strategic sales and business growth.

P.s. – one comment. While you are looking for new business don’t make the fundamental mistake of losing your existing customers. New business is great but it is always easier to build business from existing business relationships that constantly building new ones. So we shall now focus on asking a series of questions to help you focus on identifying new customers.

P.p.s – Have a great 2010.