The importance of packaging and delivery

May 19, 2009

These are two very important elements to you initially, when starting your business. Packaging can have a great deal of impact to the final user. The first role of packaging is to ensure that the product gets to the final user in peak condition. In some cases the packaging also has a very important sales and marketing function. The issues you must address are:

• How do we currently, or intend to, package our goods
• Does this ensure that the product arrives at the end user in prime condition
• Should you packaging have a marketing function
• Does it currently
• How can this be improved
• Is your current packaging cost effective?

Always remember that the first thing a customer sees of a product is its packaging. However, another aspect of getting the product to the end user is the mode of delivery. In today’s business environment there are plenty of options open to businesses in this regard. Some companies prefer to deliver goods in person and this could make sense for high value goods or for goods that require installment or setting up. Most companies will use couriers of some description. There are plenty of private courier companies that will promise same day or next day delivery. Usually they have set rates but they can be expensive for one off deliveries. The national post service has a wide range of services from parcel post to swift post and registered post. The issue with national post services is that your package will be delivered in line with the rest of the service and special deliveries are in the same range as the private courier companies. When deciding the best mode of transportation a number of issues should be addressed.

• How quickly do we need to get goods to our customers, i.e., perishable versus non perishable goods.
• What is the most cost effective method of delivery?
• Is there a marketing aspect to your delivery service?

It is a good idea to think out the packaging and delivery aspects of your business regularly. It is very easy to lose customers due to goods arriving in less than pristine condition or by just being late. These issues need to be reviewed and monitored on an ongoing basis.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more, great post.

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